For showings, publication inquiries, or the possible sale of art work,
please contact the estate.

Peter Lewis, executor
Estate of Clayton Lewis
P.O. Box 460184
San Francisco, CA 94146
(415) 863-3950


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For educational beach seine demonstrations on Tomales Bay, please contact:

Clayton Lewis Institute for Art and Ecology
Box 764
Marshall, CA 94940
(415) 663-1329


Editor’s Note:

Most of the 400 images on this site were taken from the over 2,000 slides and hundreds of photographs Clayton Lewis left to his estate. While some of them have dirt and salt air residue from the rustic life that he lived, most are still in good shape and are now in a protected environment. While 270 original envelopes were also scanned for archival use and consideration for this web site, 242 still remain with the estate.

Please note that we’ve had to limit references to Clayton’s social life unless they directly relate to his work as an artist. In doing so, I’d like to acknowledge his good friend, Richard Kirschman, who was instrumental in helping line up a retrospective for Clayton at the California Historical Society in San Francisco and Pasadena, and two shows in Paris.

Special thanks goes to my wife, Emiko, as well as my siblings, Susannah, Tom, and Katherine for their editorial feedback.
Editor and Writer: Peter Lewis


Photo Credits

Home page: Stephen Wilkes
(originally published by Life Magazine: August, 1996) Also, “Clayton with his Cat.”
© 2010 by Steven Wilkes

Rondal Partridge (black and white photos of jewelry), Phil Lewis (Eugene house, Clayton with chair: Claywood Design photo, artwork, etc.), Richard Blair (Clayton and Joe), Jack Welpot, Clayton Lewis (artwork), Richard Kirschman (Clayton in Paris, others), Peter Lewis (Clayton with sleeping bag and artwork), Masatoshi Kaji (Clayton’s Bed), David Roland (Point Reyes Light: Clayton with net and on boat), Art Rodgers (Point Reyes Light: Tomales Bay Herring Festival photos). © 2010 by each photographer. All rights reserved.